Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Custonmer,

Thank you for your time to evaulate your satisfaction with our company.

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    • 1) Delivery on time Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      2) Behaviour of our sales representative Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      3) Response time of our employees Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      4) Quality of our machines Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      5) Are you able to reach desired person to communicate? Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      6) After sale services appropirate way and time Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      7) Packaging/labelling/delivery time Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      8) Do you think it is impNot Badnt Malkan to have quality certificates? Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      9) Do you think our website is good enough? Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      10) Aftersales technical support Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      11) If you were to purchase our services,would you choose MALKAN again? Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)
      12) Would you recommend MALKAN ? Too Bad (1)Bad (2)Not Bad (3)Good (4)Perfect (5)